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Welcome to Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness!

We are an inspirational, healthy eating, subscription website providing our members with one accessible area full of fresh and easy to make nutritious meals, stress free ways to purchase ingredients and lots of new recipes added each month. We also provide advice within the health and fitness industry including exercise, food products and health benefits.


All the recipes on the company’s website are made by their own idea of healthy eating. They are based from inspiration found daily, the company photographs and cooks each meal and the nutritional information for each recipe is devised from nutrition analysis software. Our idea of healthy eating is what we believe is required to live a balanced lifestyle. Disagreeing on our views on the basis of other professional’s opinions will not result in a refund.Each recipe is provided with gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and dairy free markers to indicate suitability. It is important that you are aware information and advice given from Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness is followed at your own risk and responsibility. Although the company will recommend and advice on such allergies or intolerances, it is important you and your GP are in agreement with this, and feel comfortable with the recipes.

New recipes will be added to the website each month, including a variation across meal types and special diets. There will be at least 20 added per month and accessible through subscription.


The account holder should have complete access and control of the Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness subscription including payment method, passwords and email addresses connected with the account. You are responsible for updating and maintaining this information related to your membership, and providing us with it.


We are open to reply to emails over long hours to make sure we give the best service, as seen below:

Monday to Thursday 8am-8pm

Friday and Saturday 8am-6pm

Sunday – Closed

Bank Holidays – Closed

In the event of office closure outside of the above e.g Christmas, New Year, Holidays you will be notified 14 days in advance.


The payment method used for Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness is PayPal; this is a non-contract, monthly subscription service. Your membership will continue month to month until terminated, you can manage and cancel your subscription through your PayPal account in order with their terms and conditions.

Once cancelled you will be able to use your account with Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness until the end of the paid month. It is your responsibility to cancel the payment if you wish to stop accessing the recipes and end your subscription - if you do not end your membership before the renewal date, you authorise PayPal to charge you for the next months subscription.

As Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness provides a non-tangible subscription service, no refunds will be given in any circumstances. If a payment is cancelled, cannot be accessed due to insufficient funds or has been refused by PayPal the subscription will terminate.


When following the recipes and advice from the company you are doing so sensibly, and taking full responsibility for this and your personal health conditions.

Any fitness exercises, tasks or challenges set by the company online, including social media, are done at your own risk and should be conducted to your own ability. You should be aware of your form, your health and your exercises surroundings. If you chose to participate in these risks, you do so at your own accord, and are happy with the health and safety risks associated with these activities.

Although the company will recommend and advice on such exercises, it is important you and your GP are in agreement with this and are comfortable to participate. Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness does not accept responsibility for any injuries, health problems or death as a result of advice given.

Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness maintains the correct and appropriate insurance with a reputable UK Insurer, our policy is renewed on a yearly basis and details of this can be provided upon written request if necessary. All potential claims need to be made in writing to the business and will be responded to within 30 working days.


Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness may use your personal information to gain your feedback or provide products and associated services you request to administer your account.

If you provide an email address when you register with us or purchase a subscription we will not send any unwelcome marketing mail to this. All information you supply to us will be held by the company safely and will remain secure and confidential.

Jamie Anne Nutrition & Fitness will only use your details for research purposes to improve our service and will not be passed on to any third parties for marketing use in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


If you need any further information or in the unlikely event you are unhappy with our services, please contact