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Cinnamon Porridge

Cinnamon Porridge

"A wintery bowl of goodness to start your day, top with fresh fruit to make it your own!" 

  • 100g porridge oats 
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon 
  • 400ml unsweetened almond milk
  • fresh fruit of choice 
  1. Mix oats, milk and cinnamon in a pan 
  2. Bring to the boil, stirring all the time 
  3. Turn down the heat until simmering, stirring for 5 minutes
  4. Once creamy take off the heat and serve
  5. Top with your favourite fruit and extra cinnamon
  6. Why not try adding some maple syrup for sweetness! 


Gluten Free: No

Dairy Free: Yes

Vegan: Yes

Vegetarian: Yes

Recipe Serves: 4 people

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 15 mins

Calories: 110

Carbs: 17g

Sugar: 0g

Fat: 3g

Saturates: 0g

Protein: 5g

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