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Staying Healthy On The Markets!


Its Day 10 on the Advent Calendar!! After lots of visits to the Christmas Markets this year, I have been searching for the healthiest options to keep everyone's temptations at bay! With Christmas parties, holidays and New Year coming up this is something that will help you keep on track... 

This is not the easiest thing to do when you're faced with hog roast, sausages, mulled wine, brownies, fudge, sweets, pancakes and apple strudel and by all means I am not saying don't treat yourself on the odd occasion... BUT if you're like me and you have been many times - probably more than you should - and you walk passed them to get to work and you're really trying to stay focused on your goals. These are my favourite healthy hacks! 


Swap your high in sugar mulled wine and hot chocolate for a cuppa. Green tea or any herbal teas are perfect for the Christmas Markets. Warming, energising and extremely good for you! 

Did you know? 

Drinking one cup of green tea a day helps reduce the signs of wrinkles! Them antioxidants are full of benefits!! 


Divert past the mix up stand and swap the sweeties for some fruit and nuts! Cinnamon spiced cashews were a hit on the market this weekend with some dried mango slices, get a small bag full and enjoy! 

Did you know?

Mangoes are extremely high in Iron and Vitamin A, great for women or anyone suffering from anemia also promoting good eyesight! 

3. MEAL 

Yum yum yum! Paella! Whether it is the vegetable or seafood version, you are sure to get a nutrient rich meal from this Mediterranean dish! Great alternative to the usual greasy sausage, burgers or hog! 

Did you know?

Saffron, which is used to give the rice that vibrant yellow colour, contains components which act as an anti depressant! 


Olives, sundried tomatoes and garlic again originate from the Mediterranean. These popular snacks and starters are great to pick up from the Christmas Markets and take home for some healthy snacks around the house or to serve with some sliced meats. 

Did you know?

Olives provide the body with essential fatty acids, this helps to reduce bad cholestrol and in turn reduce the risk of caridovasular disease. All in moderation though guys - dont eat a bucket full! Ha! 

Sundried tomatoes are great for building strong bones, not only do they contain a significant amount of calcium they also store magnesium and phosphorus. When combined they help each other to create bone building minerals! 

Garlic is part of the onion family! It has been used for thousands of years as a medicine, dating back into ancient history. Next time you have the cold or flu, add some garlic into your food or drink and watch the wonders work! 


Chestnuts are great to have in the house over the festive periods to add to Christmas dishes, serve to friends and snack on! They can be served raw, boiled or roasted!! 

Did you know?

Believe it or not, chestnuts are low in fat and they are also gluten free!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post guys, thanks for reading and have a lovely time at the Christmas Markets! 

Jamie Anne x

Staying Healthy On The Markets!

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Staying Healthy On The Markets!

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