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Spiral Into Summer


Everyone is going crazy over the spiralizer!! Are you?

Truth be told, when I first got my spiralizer, I was confused and concerned (mainly for my fingers). But now, try and get me away from it. If I can make it into a spiral, its going in! Noodles, curly fries, pretty garnishes... the list is endless!

You can get them in all shapes and sizes with different cutting tools it all depends on you. The lovely Lakeland have a spiralizer specific sale at the minute with 35% off! Including the one that I love and use regularly, the 'vegetable spiralizer'.

I am biased, but out of all the ones I have tried this is my favourite! It is quick and easy to use and even more important - easy to clean. No one needs to be picking out bits of veg from them blades, we want quick and healthy food without any extra hassle! Ha!

To celebrate this wonderful, kitchen essential we are going to do 7 days of spiralizing recipes for you to enjoy!! 

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Jamie Anne x

Spiral Into Summer

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Spiral Into Summer

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