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Sometimes cooking in bulk for everyone in the house can be a chore, feeling like you're watching over everything! This new little gadget from Lakeland's range is a lifesaver for baking the perfect potato! 

My favourite thing about the Potato Baker is that you can leave it unattended with the reassurance that it will be cooked in one hour, no issues. I tried a couple of different options rather than your standard Jacket Potato! 

I started with Garlic and Rosemary New Potatoes for my family Sunday Roast! 

First of all you need to soak the dish and lid in cold water and rinse the potatoes, I then added them into the baker and seasoned with salt, pepper, crushed garlic gloves and rosemary! Yum! 

I left them in the oven for one hour at 200 degrees and they came out absolutely perfectly. Less crisp than when used oil, but perfect as a healthier option! The taste was great. 

Secondly I tried some sweet potatoes, the easiest side dish ever! Perfect with bolognese, chilli, tuna or salad in a packed lunch box. I found a better result with these! Again started by soaking the dish and rinsing the potatoes, I decided not to season them and just bake on their own... 

The results were fantastic! Crispy, fluffy, sweet and hassle free! Even better, the pot also offers great storage so once the dish and potatoes were cool I just placed the whole thing in the fridge and kept them there for 2-3 days eating when needed. Making the week a lot easier and making sure healthy options were available when rushing around, without the lengthy cooking times on an evening. 

Even better!!!! Its dishwasher proof!!!! Lazy me, I know. 

Last but not least it is chemical free and naturally non stick! Which makes me feel a lot better about cooking my food in it. 

The Unglazed Earthenware Potato Baker is definitely the answer to baking the perfect potato! 

Jamie Anne x


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