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Crispy Sweet Potato Chips!!


The one thing I am always asked on social media and by my clients is how do you make sure your sweet potato chips dont go soggy! The ultimate issue... 

Well the answer is dont use too much oil!! Always good news - makes it healthier, cheaper and it tastes better. WINNING! 

I have always just been very very careful with pouring oil onto my veg or tossing them into the oil so that this isn't a problem, but it does take more time and makes a mess. I am all about minimal washing up! Then I found this amazing product from The Fine Life

Unlike other oil misters the fine life creates a really fine mist, all you need to do is use the pump to decide the amount you want to use. Its really light and can be used for all recipes and meal times! Perfect for my sweet potato chips!! 

What I did here was a little different, I wanted to make a garlic oil to spray onto my sweet potato to add an intense flavour. Garlic is my absolute favourite! You could also do this with chilli, ginger, fresh herbs... just use your imagination. 

I peeled and crushed some leftover garlic I had in the house and then added it to some organic extra virgin olive oil in The Fine Life Cooking Oil Mister. I left this overnight to let the flavours develop, this will keep on getting better as the days go on! 

Next I added a quick spray onto the fries, you will notice after using this how little oil you use compared to before! The main thing for me too is that you know you are using a high quality oil as you have added it into the mister yourself... 

I then seasoned with onion granules, oregano, chill, salt and pepper. Again just random herbs i had in the house leftover! Imagination is key! Banged them in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees. 

I then took them out of the oven, gave them a shake, added a little mist of the oil again and back in the oven for 10 more minutes. Easy! 

Finished product is crispy, tasty goodness!! This mister has changed the way that I cook and made life a lot easier. I can't wait to try it on more recipes!! 


Jamie Anne x

Crispy Sweet Potato Chips!!

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Crispy Sweet Potato Chips!!



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