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A Cuppa With A Hug!!


Can you imagine anything better than a good cup of tea and a hug? Some people say it works miracles. Well I believe that too!

I was so excited when I got this delivery from Tea Huggers, their healthy range of teas have build a strong reputation for tasting good and I couldnt wait to try them!

Having a busy lifestyle in the gym and out, I have been trying to find a tea that suited me. They had a magnificent range of different teas, with a fantastic range of health benefits. All the way from waking up, relaxing, fighting flu and even coping with a hangover! (We have all been there!)

I dont drink hot drinks regularly, I have only ever drank green tea or green tea with lemon ... and the odd chamomile, but never really enjoyed it. Just drank it quickly and used it for the health benefits and to increase my energy.

The Tea Huggers flavour combinations are miles away from your usual 'tea', they are fun, exciting and adventurous! Wow!

The 'Ever Green' was my favourite - a mix of Chinese green tea with fruits such as apple and lime. It packed a punch!! It made me feel energised, rejuvenated and I noticed my skin 'glowing' after a week.

The 'Detox' I really enjoyed cold, I brewed it and added ice and left in the fridge overnight. It was there for me, ready to go in the morning! I loved the unusual taste of liquorice and fennel, the health benefits from these two ingredients are high - especially for the digestive system. To be honest, I really loved this one too!

Now its time for me to order some more! What I would highly recommend, is the Tea Huggers taster pack! So you can try lots of different flavours and see what tickles your fancy!

To get 10% off your order use EATCLEANCUISINE at the checkout :)


Jamie Anne x

A Cuppa With A Hug!!

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