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10 Best Fitness Fanatics Gifts!!


Christmas is coming fast, don't forget these top ten fitness gifts for your gym loving friends and family! 


Whatever level of fitness or sport - a heart rate monitor is an amazing tool for exercising. It gives you a greater insight into how you're performing, to know your limits and to see if you're improving week to week. 

We recommend - The Polar FT7! It counts calories, saves all your performance data and comes with a heart rate strap. All waterproof too, even for swimming. 


One of the best exercises you can do! Can be done in the gym, at home, in the garden, on holiday... basically anywhere! Try doing some HIIT training whilst skipping, 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds rest. Complete 10 rounds and you will be a sweaty betty! 

We recommend - Nike Speed rope! Its light, fast and hard wearing. 


Don't just think you have to use all the equipment in the world to exercise, don't forget the basics! Walking! Clocking up 10,000 steps a day can burn around 400 calories. Why not set yourself a challenge to walk 50 more each day? Soon adds up! 

The most underestimated fat loss tool - sleep! You will be able to think clearer, recover from exercise better and be more energised. This is essential to perform well in the gym or in your chosen sport. 

We recommend - Fitbit Flex! Counts your steps, tracks your sleep, logs food, workouts and sets your goals. A good all round gift. 


Kettle bell workouts are high intensity and low impact, the fat burn during some of these workouts is mega. Great for building core strength and improving posture, having one or two of these in your house will provide you with unlimited, varied exercise routines! 

We recommend - Beginner 8kg, Intermediate 12kg, Advanced 16kg! Or even better, one of each so that during different exercises you can switch between during exercises you feel stronger in and also for when you start to improve all round! 


Blenders are amazing! You can use them to make homemade pasta sauces, pesto, juices, smoothies, protein shakes, omelettes etc. They will be a main part of your kitchen routine once purchased! 

We recommend - The NutriBullet! With two different blades, one for grinding nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and the other for fruit, veg and juicing. You don't even have to take the skin off the fruit, extracting all nutrients! 



The perfect addition to your home gym! Exercise balls can be used for pilates, yoga, core strengthening, general fitness regimes etc. Using an exercise ball gives you less stability, therefore your core is more heavenly engaged, also improving your balance. 

We recommend - Blue ball! The blue is the average size, which can be used across a variety of exercises. Try a six exercise workout with the ball - squats, lunges, back extensions, chest press, ab rollouts and plank. Boom! 



Another essential kitchen item, the juicer. A quick and easy way to get your five a day, perfect for on the go and they are actually delicious! 

We recommend - The Nutri Juicer by Sage! It keeps your juices cold, allows whole fruits and veg into the chute, and has an easy cleaning device. Easy peasy! 



Bright colours are in! A new pair of trainers is a must at Christmas, what better than a pair good enough for the gym, walking, running, going shopping and all round fashionable. 

We recommend - Nike free runs! Comfortable, light and all round good trainers! They are timeless. 



Another great addition to the home gym. Medicine balls going back years in history, and they are still around for a reason. They can be used in strength training, HIIT training and fantastic for core conditioning. 

We recommend - Beginner 3kg, Intermediate 6kg, Advanced 10kg! Or even better, one of each so that during different exercises routines you can switch to heavier when you feel stronger for examples during squats and lunges and then use a lighter medicine ball for ab exercises.



Everybody needs a good pair of gym leggings! 2015 has been the year of funky gym pants, now we are starting to get some seriously stylish ones. A good fitting pair are a must, no one wants the style that fall down every time you run fast, do a burpee or squat! 

We recommend - Stella McCartney, Adidas range! Well fitting, wash well, great material and versatile between gym, yoga and sports. You have to have some! 


Jamie Anne x

10 Best Fitness Fanatics Gifts!!

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